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We are a dynamic and efficient company in the environmental sector. We work in team-oriented project groups, encouraging an uncomplicated working environment with a flat management structure. So that we are as successful and innovative in the future, we are looking for motivated, qualified staff for the positions described below.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Strobel via telephone under +41 (0)62 7970333.

Dipl.-Ing. / B.Eng. / M.Eng. as project manager
After orientation in our project groups you will be responsible for the organisational and technical completion of projects. An ability to speak a foreign language is an advantage. After having completed your degree as either a mechanical or process engineer you have acquired some experience in a comparable position. You are suitable for us if you like to work in a team and are proactive and assertive. You must work in a responsible, goal-oriented manner and be interested in innovative environmental technologies.

Service Engineer / Electrician, Power Supply Electrician
You will carry out unit commissioning, service, optimisation and repair work whilst out on site. This will also include travel abroad for short periods. For this multifaceted and responsible role you should possess a few years of practical experience on process plant as well as firm understanding of electro-motors, sensors and control technologies.

The Entrepreneur
You have a good or innovative business idea. You would like to successfully develop your idea and bring it to market in a forward-looking, innovative company. Please contact us.

Industrial Placement / Work Experience
For students of Process Engineering, Environmental Science/Engineering and Mechanical Engineering placements are available. Please send us your application details and state when your desired placement date would be.
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